School Formal Corsage Tips | Pure Flowers

School Formal Corsage Tips | Pure Flowers

Published by Ludmila Emma Frances on 13th Sep 2023

School formal season has started. Pure Flowers have been creating corsages for our local community for over 25 years. We’d like to share our tips on choosing and ordering a corsage for your upcoming highschool formal, whether it be in Lane Cove or anywhere in Sydney.

Throughout history the practice of wearing flowers goes back many years. Traditionally a corsage was a small bouquet pinned to the waist or bodice of a dress. In Victorian times it was pinned to the shoulder. Today they it can be pinned to a dress, worn on the wrist or attached to a handbag.

What is a school formal corsage?

White Wrist CorsageHigh School Formal Wrist CorsageWhite Wrist Corsage

The type of corsage worn to a school formal is a wrist corsage. Corsages are small floral bouquets that are worn on the wrist. The flowers are attached to a ribbon and tied to the wrist.

Wrist corsages are hugely popular for Year 10, 11 and 12 school formals and are very Instagrammable! Surprising your date with a corsage can make them feel very special and make a wonderful start to a great evening.

Tips and ideas before placing an order for a corsage

  • What is the colour of your date’s dress?
  • Do you want a matching buttonhole for her partner?
  • Place the order in advance, a few days prior to the event, to get your choice of colour and flowers

Which colour do I choose?

The most popular colour for a corsage is white with a touch of greenery to enhance the flowers. White is most commonly used as it is elegant, timeless and matches any coloured dress. The attached ribbon is either white or same colour as the dress. Either organza or satin is used. The next most popular corsage colour is pink and they also come in pastel or bright blooms.

If more than one corsage of the same colour is being ordered, they can be designed to look different by using different flowers, leaves and ribbons.

Which types of flowers are used? Will they last?

Corsages are floral jewellery. The types of flowers that are used are small, dainty and long lasting. Usually mini roses and Singapore orchids are used. Florists wire and wrap a special florists tape to each individual flower stem and leaf. The wire supports the stem and the tape seals in the moisture to ensure long lasting freshness.

Do you need a buttonhole?

You may want to add a buttonhole also called a boutonniere, to match the corsage. The buttonhole is for the partner to wear on the suit jacket and is more simple consisting of a single flower and a green leaf or greenery. The matching corsage and buttonhole look great in the photos!

When do you pick up a corsage?

As the corsage flowers are delicate its recommended the corsage is picked up from the store on the day of the formal. If you re at school, organise someone to pick up for you.

How do you store a corsage?

The corsage will be in a clear presentation box which looks beautiful and also protects its fragile nature during transportation. The corsage should be kept in its box in a cool place such as the lower section of the fridge until it is ready to be worn. If you don’t have a fridge, it can be stored in a cooler bag with an ice pack.

How do you tie a corsage?

Corsages are worn just above the wrist on the forearm and tied underneath in a bow. Generally the etiquette is that they are worn on the left arm.

Place the corsage on the top of the wrist and bring the ribbon below the wrist. Tie the ribbon in a bow. One of our customers helped his younger brother by saying that the simplest way to think of it is “like tying your shoelaces”!

How to order a corsage for your school formal

Please call Pure Flowers on 9427 8214 a few days before the formal to order your corsage and buttonhole. Or pop into our store at 3/23-25 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, in the arcade between Baker’s Delight, Guzman & Gomez and the CakeMan.

And most importantly, have a fabulous evening!