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Home Christmas Decor & Flower Inspo | Pure Flowers

29th Nov 2023

Christmas is just around the corner and here at Pure Flowers we love being extra creative at this time of year.

Here are a few ideas to get help you create beautiful gifts and to give your home a festive feel.

1. Christmas wreaths - these can be fresh, artificial or dried. A fresh wreath can be placed on your front door and will last about one week. It will give your home a wonderful, welcoming entrance. It could also be placed on the Christmas table as a centrepiece with a vase filled with flowers in the centre. You could also make your own wreath out of dried materials such as paper daisy and other native blooms, using a twig-based wreath. Attach your dried materials with wires or glue. Other ideas include wreaths made from succulents or spruce. For an Australian feel, attach eucalyptus to a twig wreath and finish it with a red bow.

2. Christmas Trees - Why not grow your own Australian Christmas Tree using a potted Woolly Bush. You can reuse the potplant for next year. When it gets too big, plant out in the garden. Woolly bush prefers sandy soil. Or if woolly bush is too difficult to obtain use potted pine trees. This is a sustainable way to make the most of your tree for many years. Why not make your own paper decorations too. There are plenty of ideas online.

3. Table Decoration - Palm Husks make great bases for long table settings especially outdoors. They can be decorated using seasonal flowers and leaves, succulents or fruit. You can even add some Christmas baubles and gold or silver sprayed gumnuts or pine cones for a finishing touch. The husks can be used for a gift too. Fill it with fruit, add a few festive red flowers and gumnuts – voila – you have a beautiful gift, ready to give and be enjoyed.

4. Bud Vases - An easy and economical way to decorate your festive table. One single flower and a sprig of greenery can look great in bud vases dotted along your table. Why not use flowers and greenery from your garden? Roses, gardenia, hydrangea, Christmas Bush and flowering gum are flowering now and grow in many gardens.

5. If you have Christmas bush flowering in your garden use to create a wonderful festive display. Cut and arrange taller stems in vases and scatter them throughout the house - the dining room, entry and outdoors. Fill bud vases with sprigs and arrange them on the dining table. If you have plenty of Christmas bush share with your neighbours and family as it’s always appreciated. To keep the Christmas bush fresh in a vase, spray it with water or run it under the tap – you will be able to enjoy it for longer.

6. The Pure Flowers team loves flowering gum and we encourage you to enjoy it in your home as it looks incredible enmasse.

7. Potted plants make fantastic gifts. Now is a good time to take cuttings from your garden. Put the cutting into water and watch the roots form. Once the roots are established, pot the plant in a pretty pot using a good quality potting mix. Succulents are perfect for this as they form roots easily and are hardy and easy to grow.

8. Make your own gift cards and tags using pressed flowers. Remove any excess leaves or stems and place the flowers between two sheets of tissue paper or paper towel. Use something heavy e.g., a book, to press the flowers. Leave them for one to three weeks until they are totally dry. To secure the flowers onto your card, use clear adhesive. Most flowers work well when pressed however lavender, daisies, pansies or violets are our personal favourites and get the best results.

9. Choose a colour theme for your Christmas table décor. You could select elegant gold and white, modern silver and blue, classic red, green and white theme. Use beautiful tablecloths, runners and placements with matching napkins. Scatter some baubles that match your Christmas tree. Finally place gorgeous fresh Christmas blooms and greenery from the garden onto your table to complete the festive table.


Do you need flowers to decorate your home for Christmas or to send to someone special?

You can place your Christmas flower order online or call 02 9427 8214.

We hope you enjoy creating your floral Christmas decorations and gifts!