15 Tips for Romance this Valentine's Day

15 Tips for Romance this Valentine's Day

Published by Lud on 31st Jan 2024

Pure Flowers would like to share our tips on how to make a loved one feel very special on Valentine's Day by using your imagination and creativity.

15 tips for romance from Pure Flowers:

1. Recreate your first date

2. Pack a surprise picnic basket. Head to a Lane Cove Park or Tambourine Bay,  Riverview.

3. Plant a red rose bush so you can pick your own roses next year

4. Hide romantic handwritten notes throughout your home – some may be found weeks later

5. Make a heart of rose petals for your candlelit dinner at home

6. Use chalk to draw hearts outside the front door

7.Take a ferry to Cockatoo Island

8. Watch the sun set from under the Harbour Bridge

9. Send a romantic card every month

10. Make your own Valentine's Day card

11. Watch a romantic movie from the 1950's 

12. Plant your and their favourite flower seeds together and watch them bloom  

13. Plant sunflowers together for their meaning of happiness 

14. Make a playlist of the songs you think they will love

15. To really surprise your special someone send 4 bouquets, with one letter on each card spelling LOVE

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