My Riverview Flower Walk | Pure Flowers

My Riverview Flower Walk | Pure Flowers


Pure Flowers is a local boutique florist, located in Lane Cove, NSW. We’re just a five minute drive from Riverview and personally deliver many of our bouquets and flower arrangements to the delightful homes and businesses of Riverview, as well as lovely St Ignatius College. We see so many beautiful aspects of Riverview as we do our deliveries and would like to share these with you.

A virtual stroll through Riverview

Riverview is a stunning little suburb on the Lane Cove River, surrounded by Lane Cove, Linley Point and Longueville. It’s a family-friendly collection of sleepy streets with lovely houses, local shops and the school, St Ignatius’ College. From well-tended front gardens, to the grounds of the school, the trees and flowers of Riverview are beautiful, so we thought we’d take you on a virtual stroll around the suburb to enjoy them with us.

Riverview was named after the location of the College, as it has a ‘view’ of the ‘river’. Our stroll starts at St Ignatius’ College. Streaming out from the Victorian Classical three-storey building, built in 1880, are the stunning rose gardens. As you can imagine, they smell sublime when all in bloom and are meditative to wander through. Behind the building is the Dalton Chapel, host to many happy wedding nuptials and occasions over the years. Meandering around the shoreline of the river, you come to Tambourine Bay and Tambourine Bay Reserve.                 


Tambourine Bay was supposedly named after a woman called Tambourine Nell or Tambourine Sal who was hiding from police by living in a cave along the foreshore there! It’s a lovely park for a family get together with BBQ facilities and play equipment. It’s also right on the water’s edge with lovely views. The casuarinas and eucalyptus provide the soundtrack, when the wind is just right, for a perfect Australian day out.

As you wander up past the lovely homes, you’ll be struck by the variety of gardens and flowers. There are plenty of well-manicured buxus hedges and interesting agave plants on display. But there are also striking wildflower gardens, untamed rose bushes and sweet jasmine that drift pleasant, sweet scents across the pavement.

Ending your stroll at Riverview shops for a well-earned coffee from Riverview Deli, you’ll see how close-knit this community is. If you’d like to delight your senses in another interesting local, floral showcase, jump in the car to Carisbrook House at Linley Point. It’s only five minutes down the road and is the only middle-class 1880s house museum in Sydney. The gardens are the house’s jewel in its crown.




Send Flowers to Riverview

Call us, email us or drop in to our boutique in Lane Cove to have a beautiful bouquet or arrangement of flowers delivered to a friend or loved one in Riverview. We’d happily chat to you about designing a bouquet to match the flowers they have in season in their garden! 

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