How to create the best party flowers for any occasion

How to create the best DIY party flowers for any occasion

Have you got a party coming up? Keen to create some gorgeous flower arrangements to make the party venue sparkle? But don’t want to spend a fortune? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog, we’re sharing our tips on how to create the best party flowers for any occasion. The tips will step you through some simple DIY flower arrangement projects that will easily come out looking like that Pinterest board you’ve been following. They’ll also not cost you the earth and are mostly sustainable – allowing you to recycle everyday objects around the house in addition to beautiful fresh flowers.

                         Party Flowers DIY Ice Bowl with fruit


DIY Party Flower Ice Bowl for a Summer Party

If you’re after a few oohs and aahs, then a DIY flower ice bowl for your summer party is the perfect solution. These look simply stunning and are easy to make! Follow these steps to create your own floral ice bowl and use it to serve your cold desserts or fruit salad:

  • Find two stainless steel or glass bowls – one should be smaller than the other and nestle inside easily, with a 2-2.5cm gap between them if you were to hold the smaller one suspended within the larger one.
  • Take out the smaller bowl and place your chosen flowers inside the big bowl. You can get creative with your positioning, but try not to be too wedded to it. Once you pour in the water, they’ll move around a fair bit. One idea is to place larger, heavier blooms at the bottom and then follow the next few steps before placing the smaller booms at the top of the water.
  • Place the smaller bowl into the larger bowl and start to slowing fill with cold water until the bowl starts to float and its top rim becomes level with the top rim of the larger bowl. Then, tape an X with masking tape across the top of the bowls to ensure the smaller bowl doesn’t float about the big one.
  • Continue to fill up the water in the big bowl until it’s 1.5cm from the top. Then, add in more flowers if you wish. You can use a skewer to try to arrange them.
  • Place the bowls in the freezer and freeze overnight.
  • Around 20mins before you wish to use the bowl, remove from the freezer and allow the bowls to sit on a tea towel for 10-15 minutes.
  • Once defrosted slightly and they easily come apart, remove your floral ice bowl and serve your dessert, fruit salad or punch inside.

Tips: Ensure you serve the floral ice bowl on an edged tray with a tea towel to mop up any drips as it melts. Plus, make sure you chill your food or drinks before serving and, if the food needs to stay dry (such as meringues), place a glass bowl inside your floral bowl.

                       Party Flowers DIY Flower Ice Bowli

DIY Baby Shower or Christening Party Flowers

We just love this simple DIY party flower arrangement for a baby shower or christening party and it makes good use of old jars that you may have around the house.

Follow these steps to create this delicate arrangement to welcome a new baby:

  • Find old jars or vases – enough to be able to scatter along the party tables
  • Fill them halfway with room temperature water
  • Divide a bunch of Baby’s Breath into the same number of jars as you have (you may need 1-3 bunches of Baby’s Breath depending on the size of your party tables)
  • Cut the stems of the Baby’s Breath to the right length and place in the jars
  • Scatter them along your party tables

                      DIY Baby shower or christening party flowers

DIY Birthday Party Flowers

Instead of buying the birthday girl a present this year, why not arrive with a surprise flower crown for her to wear? It’ll make her feel so special and they’re very easy to make.Local resident, Jacky Barker, attended one of our DIY Flower Crown Classes last year and wrote this easy guide on how to create a flower crown.

            How to make a DIY flower crown

DIY Mother’s Day Lunch Party Flowers

Follow these four simple steps to make mum’s day with this bespoke DIY flower arrangement.

  • Select five of your mum’s favourite flowers from your local florist. Great choices can include roses, carnations, tulips, spray roses, ferns and snapdragons. If you can, try to select similar colour flowers, with some short ones and some tall ones.
  • Find some vintage vases or large jars (different heights would be great!) and fill halfway with room temperature water
  • Place 2-3 stems of each flower per vase
  • Position the vases in a cluster at the centre of the table

She’ll be blown away by your thought and it’s a great DIY project to get the little ones involved in too!

              DIY Mothers Day Lunch Party Flowers

DIY Anniversary or Date Night at Home Flowers

                                             DIY Anniversary or Date Night at Home Flowers


This DIY flower arrangement one is so simple, you could do it on your weekly date night to add that romantic atmosphere! 

Just find a shallow glass bowl and half fill with room temperature water. Then, pop in some floating candles and scatter rose petals and open rose heads among the candles. Imagine the lights turned down and the candles flickering while you get the chance to reconnect – bliss!

We’d love to help you out with any of the flowers mentioned in this blog and other DIY party flower ideas – simply pop in to our Lane Cove boutique, email or call us!

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