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Roses, Chrysanthemums, Wildflowers… What flowers will you give on Mother’s Day?

It’s so clichéd, but there is really no better gift on Mother’s Day than a beautiful bouquet, arrangement or posy of stunning, fresh flowers. There is something so special about flowers… they’re truly a spoiling gift. A few friends who’re Flowers Mothers Daymums have recently commented how much they’d love to receive flowers. They never seem to get them as gifts these days and need to give their husband’s a nudge to remember too! Flowers will light up your mother’s face on Mother’s Day andwill make her smile every time she catches a glimpse of them.

So, where to start? There are so many gorgeous choices, we thought we’d give you some tips. 

How to choose the right size or style

Bouquets are the most popular style of fresh flowers on Mother’s Day and we create plenty of stunning bouquets of fresh seasonal flowers.However, you can also consider posies, flower arrangements or flowers en masse. The choice comes down to what you think will put the biggest smile on your mum’s face!

Posies are sweet, little bunches of flowers that are ideal if there’s not much space to display them, such as bedside tables. Or for a really fun idea, you could order a few posies so she can fill her whole home with beautiful, fresh flowers on Mother’s Day.

If a lower maintenance option is a good idea, floral arrangements are perfect. We create the arrangement bypositioning each stem within floral foam inside a ceramic pot. So all your mum will need to do is pop the arrangement on display and top up the water every few days. No need to find a vase that fits, trim any stems or arrange the flowers herself.

And you can’t go past the flowers enmasse as a brilliant option for flowers this Mother’s Day if you mum has a favourite flower. With an order for flowers en masse, we gather together a big bouquet of your mum’s favourite flower. Imagine the gorgeous scent that would fill her home if her favourite flowers are fragrant blooms like garden roses, oriental lilies, hyacinths or freesias.

How to choose the right flower

If mum doesn’t have a favourite flower, you can go with the traditional flowers for Mother’s Day – chrysanthemums. Or take a modern approach with a stunning bouquet or arrangement of Australian wildflowers. A mix of seasonal flowers in a pretty posy is a lovely way to spoil grandmas and great grandmas on Mother’s Day too.

When it comes to colours, Mother’s Day flowers have always been colourful. Pink is the most popular colour, with pastels and bright colours also proving fashionable. One of the things we love most about Mother’s Day is that 

Australian wildflower bouquetcustomers like to tell us about their mums’ personalities and we help them to choose the colours and blooms to match. White and cream flowers are perfect for a super stylish mum, while sculptural arrangements in greens work well for a creative person and Phalaenopsis orchids will flower for months.

As a sweet touch, why not consider planting your own flower and giving your mum the pot as a gift on Mother’s Day so she can watch it grow.

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