6 Healing Flowers for Sydney Hospital Bedsides

6 Healing Flowers for Sydney Hospital Bedsides

We all know that being in hospital can be tough. A loved one may be sick or have had an accident. Or you could be visiting a new mum and wanting to share in the excitement of the new baby!

Flowers on a hospital bedside always bring a smile and make the person feel loved. They are always a good talking point and bring cheer to the recipient. So we’re sharing our top healing flowers for when you are sending hospital flowers within Sydney or anywhere else.

#1 – Healing Hospital Flower – Colourful Flower Posy

You can’t go past a sweet posy of colourful flowers for creating cheer. Ask your florist to create a posy in a glass vase. They make the perfect hospital flower arrangement as they’re compact, easy to display and to transport home.


#2 – Healing Hospital Flower – Tulips

Choose a gorgeous arrangement of tulips in a vase to welcome a new baby. Tulips symbolise growth and their pastels can be delicate and soft, perfect for the new parents’ hospital bedside and then coffee table at home while they settle in to life with a baby.


#3 – Healing Hospital Flower – Roses

This classic,beautiful bloom isn’t just for romance, they make a wonderful gift whether its one colour en masse or a Luxe Flower Box brimming with colourful roses.


#4 – Healing Hospital Flower – Sweet Peas

Another great flower for a hospital bedside as it looks especially gorgeous when arranged in a lovely bouquet in a vase. In fact, any flower en masse looks exquisite and will certainly bring a smile to the recipient’s face.


#5 – Healing Hospital Flower – Gerberas

Bright and colourful, Gerberas are a great choice. They’re easy to care for and fragrance-free. Plus, some studies have shown that colour healing, known as chromatherapy, can influence our moods and emotions, for example yellow inspires a positive mood!


#6 – Healing Hospital Flower – Australian Wildflowers

A subtle choice for some healing vibes for a male friend or family member in hospital. An arrangement of wildflowers will last well and isn’t too fussy. They are especially beautiful when arranged in a vase or pot filled with floral foam. This also makes it easy to care for the flowers by just topping up the water rather than having to change it. Wildflowers are a very popular choice of flower to send to patients who are in Sydney hospitals!


Our tips for hospital flowers etiquette in Sydney

Now you know which flowers to choose, we thought we’d help out witha few tips to help you get the etiquette right when it comes to giving flowers to someone in hospital.

  • Always order your flowers to be arranged in a vase or pot – it’ll save the hospital staff having to find one and will allow the recipient to easily transport them home
  • Avoid strongly perfumed blooms– some people can be very sensitive to smells (particularly new mums!)
  • Check with the patient to see if they know when they’ll be going home – if it’s soon, arrange for the flowers to be delivered to their home address rather than the hospital
  • Don’t send flowers to ICU – they won’t be able to accept them
  • Call the hospital before ordering to ensure you have the correct ward and delivery details
  • When you are sending flowers to a new mum, check which surname she is booked under
  • Finally, when you call the florist to order the flowers check that you have the correct spelling of the patient’s name, the ward and the right hospital as some have similar names e.g. North Shore Private and Royal North Shore Hospital

We’d love to help you spread some cheer to someone in need – call us on 02 94278214, order online or pop into our Lane Cove boutique to order flowers for a hospital bedside anywhere in Sydney